My trip in universal day 1

One day I was getting to universal, me my brother mom and I we went to the minion attraction the funny thing is that each minion copies someone. To me Kevin copied me.

Then, we rushed to harry potter which, we were gonna go from diagon alley to hogsmade in the Hogwarts express.  I was really happy because we were not allowed to board last year because we needed to go twice. When we boarded, there were videos and it was really cool. We went to islands of adventure and we were gonna do a really cool attraction because, we were gonna be in some scenes of harry potter.

Finally, we left and went to the amazing Seuss landing the land of Dr Seuss. Most of the attractions were closed because of lunch but a few were available. We went in a story of Dr. Seuss of trains which was really fun. We went for afternoon snack and shared a giant red velvet cupcake. finally we went to the spider man attraction and left the park.


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